New Year Greetings

Just a short one from me today while I still try to recover from having COVID-19 for at least the second, if not a third time. I suspect it is three but I won’t be answering any questions regarding this. Let me just say that yes I’ve had all my vaccines, yes I’ve suffered with symptoms each time, and no I don’t have any underlying conditions other than asthma which is relatively mild.

I’m sad that I didn’t blog anywhere near as much in 2021 as with previous years. I cannot lie and pretend that I haven’t thought thoroughly about whether to continue with this blog going forward. I’ve arrived at a conclusion somewhat which I think suits me best. I will keep the blog running and contribute as and when I have something to write about but I will not again for the foreseeable be able to post weekly or speak about some of the things I have written about in the past.

Frankly, I would like to move away from the pandemic and the very regular updates regarding my work. I will still be posting about the big stuff but I would like to bring other things to your attention, including some of the work I do relating to cemeteries and other death projects. Hence, I’ll still be your friendly death blogger but in a slightly different guise.

I do have something rather exciting to write about but I need to do some research and apply some time. I think that is how this will proceed, I will no longer be posting drafts I made while in the bath (like this one) and need to really sit down with my subject each time. In a way, I hope that’s an evolution of my writing style and will take me towards my main goals. I still would absolutely love to pursue a PhD one day and ultimately write a book.

That just leaves me to wish everyone a happy new year, let’s all have some kindness and patience for each other this year. The world has been a scary place for far too long.

MG x

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  1. I enjoy your blogs very much, find them interesting and positive, and I’m sure you will go far in your chosen career.
    I understand and fully support your decisions to write as and when, your mental health and life come first. If I was 60 years younger I’m sure I would be inspired to follow in your footsteps.

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