Evisceration Part II

Same warning applies as before- if you’re not a fan of the slightly gory then please don’t continue. If you are, here goes the second part of my account of what we do at evisceration! If you haven’t already seen part I it’s here. Once the cardiovascular block is removed, it usually becomes quite bloody... Continue Reading →

Evisceration (Part I)

This week I have been fairly solidly revising alongside putting together a presentation for a very exciting project (should it come to fruition which I hope it does!). I wondered if some people would like me to share the contents on here, and I figured why not as long as I give a little warning... Continue Reading →


Recently the weeks have been going slower than they have in the past. It feels like time has slowed down a bit, days not flying by like they used to. I don’t think this is necessarily a negative thing, I’m not sure why but I think slowing things down a bit can be good. I’ve... Continue Reading →

The Lavender Garden

The temperatures in the UK reached around 38 degrees centigrade this week, that’s 100 Fahrenheit for anyone who’s old school or American. Temperatures like this can be dangerous for many reasons and not just for humans but for animals too. Please make sure you do all the sensible things in high temperatures like drinking water... Continue Reading →


I have been working on my next assignment this week which is all about appropriate forms of communication and overcoming any barriers which might hinder communication. One thing I never really thought about is that I really do communicate with a lot of people on a daily basis. I often joke that I prefer the... Continue Reading →

Post-Hartlepool Overload

As it turns out, two drives of five hours within three days, an exam and some intense lectures are enough to completely frazzle my mind. I am not complaining at having the opportunity I've been given to do what I do, oh goodness no and I totally realise just how lucky I am to be... Continue Reading →

What Do I Actually Do?

It’s my first ever full week on call and it’s kind of made me feel on edge all week. I was certain that once I had my first phone call that would go away, but the first call came and went yet the feeling stayed. I think it’s mostly my own neuroses causing this, but... Continue Reading →

Be True To Yourself

That isn't meant to sound as inspirational and internet meme-like as it does in all honesty. The reason for this title is that it was the general theme of the speeches at an event I went to this week. The mortuary team were invited to attend the Eid celebrations for the community at Ilford Islamic... Continue Reading →

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