Rippleside Cemetery

Rachel and I went on a little adventure yesterday in search of a gravestone at Rippleside Cemetery in Upney in East London. 9 minutes on the tube from my home was well worth the effort. Rippleside is slightly hidden up the road from Upney tube station just one stop away from Barking on the district... Continue Reading →

The First Hornchurch Death Cafe

Last Wednesday my dear friend Rachel and I got together and hosted the first (certainly not the last) Hornchurch Death Cafe. I’ve had a few days to take it all in before writing it up due to a very busy few days escaping to the Isle of Wight for a wedding! However time has only... Continue Reading →

Glorious Decomposition

Warning- this discussion may not be everyone's cup of tea! I hope you’ve all been enjoying the warmer weather! I knew exactly what to discuss this week, when my colleague told me that the recent change had led to the increase in what we know as ‘decomps’. Unfortunately, those that lie somewhere and aren’t found... Continue Reading →

Morbid Curiosity

It’s about time I got around to answering your questions isn’t it? I will begin with a slight warning however, I might go into more detail here than you would like. I will always try and mention this at the start of any post I write if I think any contents might be upsetting. If... Continue Reading →

Death Actually Is All Around

The title is supposed to be a take on the Love Actually line that ‘Love actually is all around’ but it turned out to sound somewhat darker than I intended. It's been a very long bank holiday weekend for me as I took off Thursday and Friday for our engagement party preparations. If you follow... Continue Reading →

Abney Park Cemetery

Firstly, apologies for the delay in posting this! No excuse, but the week has been a busy one with preparations for our engagement party this weekend and I have managed to cram in a lot apart from writing a blog post from the weekend. Secondly, another apologies that this will be a largely photo based... Continue Reading →

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