Brompton Cemetery In The Sunshine

I first visited this cemetery a long time ago, I don't remember exactly when but I think I was at university... I don't even what to think about how long ago that was! In a post wedding fair haze (we decided to call yesterday (Saturday) something like 'many weddings and a funeral' but couldn't settle... Continue Reading →

The Magnificent Seven

Nope, not the 2016 film starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt, or the 1960 film of which that was the remake. I'm talking cemeteries, of course, I'm always on theme. In the 19th Century, the cemeteries of London were becoming a very serious problem. Think overcrowding, huge hygiene issues causing outbreaks of disease and just... Continue Reading →

Awards, Aromas & Anger

It would appear the busy times at the mortuary are yet to come to an end for a while. We had the busiest night on Wednesday which was a bit sad for a moment when I realised these people died on Valentines Day night! We prepared today for a busy weekend, it does make my... Continue Reading →

At Home With The Dead

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Hope you’re having a good day no matter what, I’m still cheery even though my other half left my card and present at work. Maybe I'm cheery because Pancake Day is more my thing and yesterday I ate a lot of pancakes. Standard. Earlier this week I was pointed in the... Continue Reading →

Do I Actually Own a TV?

It was a fair question to be asked this week and got me thinking. I usually notice when I say something regularly, and of late it’s become ‘I was listening to a podcast the other day....’. Once upon a time it was ‘reading’ and ‘book’, but I seem to have become engrossed and a tad... Continue Reading →

Forgetfulness, Feelings & Families

Turns out my brain was not prepared for work one bit on Monday morning. Getting up felt torturous, and once at work it took me a while to get back into the swing of things. Particularly notable when I stared at the intercom and couldn’t remember which order to push the buttons to answer it.... Continue Reading →

Thoughts of a Seven-Year-Old

I had the wonderful chance to catch up with a friend and her kids this weekend. I still haven’t decided if it was stoically, or stupidly, British but we headed to a local country park trail in the mizzling rain to do a children’s activity afternoon. It was fun even if the staff were clearly... Continue Reading →

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