Hello! I am Mortuary Gem! I am currently a qualified Anatomical Pathology Technologist based in a hospital. I have a BA in Archaeology and an MSc in Forensic Archaeological Science. In previous jobs I have also been a retail manager, a financial technical expert and a junior doctor rota coordinator. It’s taken a long time to get to where I am today but I have now qualified as of 30th October 2020. Professionally, I am part of the Association of Anatomical Pathology Technology (AAPT) Council and also have registered RSciTech status with The Science Council. In 2022 I was awarded the Good Funeral Awards Anatomical Pathology Technician of the year award and received a commendment from the Science Council for my Continual Professional Development.

Outside of work I host the Upminster Death Cafe and try to attend as many events in the ‘death industry’ as possible. I am available for interviews on agreement with the hospital Communications team and the AAPT, I have previously appeared on BBC Radio 1xtra and on various podcasts including the Partly Political Broadcast, BBC Sounds’ Jacob Hawley’s Job Centre and the People of Pathology Podcast. In addition to this I have written or appeared in articles for various publications also including the Royal College of Pathologists Bulletin and The Evening Standard. Most recently I took part in the CDAS (Centre for Death and Society) InConversation series discussing the work of APTs.

If you would like to get in touch regarding my work, the AAPT, Death Cafe or any other events then please see my contact page for details. I appreciate all the comments and messages I receive. You can also support me now through Ko-Fi! If you like what you read and are able to help me out, please buy me a coffee at my Ko-Fi page MortuaryGem and I will be ever so grateful. Thank you always for any kind of support you show me!

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