Excitement is unbearable!

I still have four weeks and two days until I leave my current job. It's going so slowly it's virtually painful!  My new manager sent me a picture message yesterday. I was walking home when I got it and grinned the whole rest of the way skipping songs on Spotify that weren't stupid cheery indie... Continue Reading →

Barts Pathology Open Day

As you can probably tell, I got the mortuary assistant job. I can't even put into words how happy that made me!  However, I don't want to dwell on that. Not because it's not amazing, but because it was obvious from the fact I'd started this blog and it's not as interesting as the things... Continue Reading →


I'm a believer that opportunities are as much luck as hard work. You can work damn hard and be eternally unlucky, so why can't you work hard but also catch a really lucky break?  I'm fairly sure that's what happened to me. I started work in London, kept my ear to the ground and was... Continue Reading →

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