My Death Plan

On more than one occasion at Death Café I have been asked a very simple question and this is ‘What are your funeral plans?’. Shamefully I honestly answer that there aren’t any, or at least I haven't made any complete decisions. I simply haven’t sat down and thought about it yet. When I do think... Continue Reading →

Terrific Tuesday

What a fabulous start to the week I have had! Between being filmed for a documentary and Death Cafe, I can honestly say I had the best Tuesday for a long time. Those that know me well will know my hatred of that day of the week. Today was calmer but that was some relief,... Continue Reading →

Maths, Muscles & Mortuary Visitors

One of the main purposes of this blog is to share my learning experience and I get stupidly excited about the things I can write about. My manager now says to me 'Something to blog about!' when pretty much anything of interest happens. Which is often. A few things from this week I think are... Continue Reading →

Brains, Books, Bodies & More

Ahhhhh I have so much to tell you all! Be prepared for a complete update summary; possibly quite lengthy and I’m not sure where to begin, so here it goes! The latest Brain Count (the number of brains successfully removed by myself) is at a healthy 42. I’m well on my way to my aim... Continue Reading →

West Norwood Cemetery

Sunday saw another adventure day for myself and Laura D. We are getting on through the Magnificent Seven and visited our penultimate cemetery; West Norwood. I travelled to parts of South London I have never wandered before, taking full advantage of being that way in order to pay the amazing dinosaurs of Crystal Palace Park... Continue Reading →

Death Makes The News

As you might have seen, what happens to the dead has been quite a hot topic in the news this week. I want to start by saying I am nowhere near an authority on what is being reported or what is being said in return. I’ve seen or read what I have access to, and... Continue Reading →

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