Coco- Disney does Death

Coco is the new Disney Pixar movie that came out earlier this year. It’s explores the adventures of young boy Miguel who finds himself in the afterlife and meeting his deceased relatives. It’s full of Disney cheer, music and joy but with the obvious undertones of death and bereavement. When I first heard about this... Continue Reading →

The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain

We all have one. You might think some don’t, but we do. It helps you balance, see, process ideas, remember song lyrics, hear, recognise people and places, sleep and just about everything you do. Only a handful of reactions and functions, for example reflexes, are not controlled by your brain. Yet the brain, to me,... Continue Reading →

The HTA- who, what, why & how

The Human Tissue Act 2004 was introduced off the back of a number of scandals in the UK. The main scandal that people speak of in reference to this is the Alder Hey organs scandal from 1988 to 1995 where organs and tissue of a number of children were held without permission or consent from... Continue Reading →

Eye Donation with NHSBT

The first full week of the year and five day week for some time seemed to simultaneously go fast and slow if such a thing is possible. Slow in that, by the time Friday evening rolled around, I was physically and mentally completely exhausted. I couldn’t pull my brain together to write this yesterday and... Continue Reading →

One Year On…

A year ago yesterday exactly, I had a rotten cold. The kind where your head weighs much more than it should and you ache furiously. I was at work in my office job, which I liked only because of the lovely people I worked with, when I received an email. My Manager noticed that I... Continue Reading →

January is the Monday of the Year

I remember seeing that on Twitter at some point and finding it funny because it's true. I always find January a particularly tough time with my brain. It feels like starting over to me. Like everything seems scary and bleak. I have no idea why this is the case, it’s not at all. I have... Continue Reading →

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