Longer Days & Brighter Ways

Every year, I write about the joy I feel at no longer arriving at work in the dark to leave in the afternoon once again to the darkness. I've nothing against night, or the dark, as far as I know but it does feel unnatural to not see any kind of sunlight for any of... Continue Reading →

My Heart Goes Boom

The phrase 'heart attack' is used a lot in common vernacular. People use the phrase often to mean a sudden death, if someone dies suddenly it is often quoted as a suspected heart attack until known otherwise. The term 'attack' to me, sounds like either heart is attacking something, or it is being attacked by... Continue Reading →

One Year Later

You see statements like that in films, or television shows. Parts where you flash forward and then you move to a significant point in the timeline being represented. In those fictional stories, you can assume that nothing much of note happened in the time that you have been shown to have elapsed taking you forward... Continue Reading →


I'll start this post with a big thank you. Thank you to everyone recently for your support, and in fact, a huge thanks to everyone for all your love and kindness in what is now pretty much a year since this all kicked off and the world changed. I remember being really tired of the... Continue Reading →

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