The Wonder of the Diaphragm

For those who read my previous article, time to redeem the diaphragm and celebrate what it can do! I would just like to point out that a google search reminded me to tell you all I’m referring to the thoracic muscle and not the contraceptive method or any other diaphragms in the human body that... Continue Reading →

The Nonsense of the Diaphragm

I finally managed to (mostly) eviscerate someone by myself! I mean I struggled to remove the tongue as before and I had a blip in regards to the bladder but the rest was all me. So chuffed at how far I’ve come. I had a very skinny person today and I was quite worried I’d... Continue Reading →

Stinks & Cysts

Another busy four day week went by, I have suddenly realised that due to the Easter weekend there’s two more four-day weeks coming up! By April I won’t remember what a five day week feels like. I’ve had a busy weekend too, I met up with a lot of people who have mentioned the blog... Continue Reading →

Griefcast: Let’s Talk About Grief!

There’s something about grief which makes it odd. Like death, it’s something we all experience at some point in our lives. Grief can be feared, it can be hated, and yet it is certainly expected. It’s something we often not only fear for ourselves, but also for others around us. We fear that we might... Continue Reading →

Visiting The Victorian Valhalla

Highgate Cemetery opened in 1839 and today is probably the most famous and visited of all the Magnificent Seven. Today it is still in use and the burial site of some of the most famous of London’s population. The site is divided by Swains Lane and has an East and West side. The West side... Continue Reading →

My (Eventful) Two Day Week

You know that feeling when you have a cold and your nose is so blocked it’s just horrible and you miss breathing normally. You think of all the times that you were able to breathe through your nose and how simply wonderful they were. How much you took that easy breathing for granted so much.... Continue Reading →

I’m Never Far From the Dead

As I said earlier this week, I had some time off work and yesterday I had arranged to meet my friend Joely in Chelmsford before heading into London in the evening. It would appear I can't do anything or go anywhere now without checking out a graveyard or two. In Chelmsford a short walk down... Continue Reading →

The Day They Gave Me A Scalpel

I knew the day was coming, but I did not know it was so soon or I would have got crazy excited/nervous and freaked out about it! As per any day when we are conducting post-mortems in the mortuary, we started by getting the people out of the fridges and loading them onto the struts... Continue Reading →

The Arrivals Lounge at the Mortuary

I had a question during the week about what I had referred to as ‘the booking in process’. I think I’ve briefly covered what we do before but it’s definitely worth going into a bit more detail. Especially as this is something my manager has been focussed on recently and the whole process has changed... Continue Reading →

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