The Nonsense of the Diaphragm

I finally managed to (mostly) eviscerate someone by myself! I mean I struggled to remove the tongue as before and I had a blip in regards to the bladder but the rest was all me. So chuffed at how far I’ve come. I had a very skinny person today and I was quite worried I’d cut through the skin where I shouldn’t (I managed to do that yesterday but luckily my colleague came to the rescue with some glue and it looked like nothing had happened!). Oh, and I shouldn’t forget the brain count while I think of it, with slow and steady progress I’m up to 13 brains removed in total.

Interestingly, different pathologists like their organs in different ways. By that, I mean some like all in one go, so you begin at the tongue and end at the bladder or prostate/cervix with everything in between attached. That’s hard to do in experience if only because it can be really heavy and difficult to handle. Others like them in blocks. Blocks means in separate chunks therefore navigating the diaphragm and the title of this article comes from a direct quote of a colleague. Obviously the diaphragm is not nonsense in life and has numerous functions. However in a post-mortem I can only see it gets in the way a little bit. I’m sure I have a lot more to learn in regards to this but that is what I took away from today! I also feel like I owe a whole article dedicated to the diaphragm and what it is good for…

Pre-show not sure what to expect!

This evening Laura D and I went to see a show at Barts Pathology Museum by Liz Rothschild called Outside the Box. What a treat for someone who is death positive and loves a good discussion about death. Sadly I couldn’t stay for the discussion after but I would love to have continued the evening. Liz’s show was a collection of stories regarding death from different perspectives and highlighting the joy and happiness to be taken from these moments. Liz is a performer, celebrant and burial ground owner. She embodies everything I think I represent in my own tiny way in the death world and I thoroughly recommend going to see her if you can. I also really want to find a coffin making course now, I will weave my own coffin! If you know of one please do let me know.

Coffin weaving in action!

Tomorrow is the last day of the week before the extra long double bank holiday weekend! Happy Easter everyone, enjoy the time off if you get it and the chocolate if you like it. This four day weekend does mean a busy time for us tomorrow trying to make space. We will be filling up the extra storage out the back and maybe even chasing up funeral directors to come and get people from us. This is in addition to the normal everyday work we have to do. I’ve not had a job this physical for a long time and some nights my feet and back hurt more than I thought they could, but it’s a great job and I love it.

Only a quick update tonight, maybe a diaphragm post and some other random research over the weekend if I have time. Thank you for reading and please get in contact with your questions as per my previous post.

MG x

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