I've always thought it quite funny how when someone shivers, especially if particularly violently, they will declare that someone must have walked over their grave. I remember imagining as a kid that there was this green space somewhere just waiting to be used as a burial plot, maybe even with a blank headstone just itching... Continue Reading →

Feverish Me Started a Blog Post

December (possibly?) 2022 In a break away from my normal content, although in typing that I'm not sure what that would be perceived to be, I want to delve into something which has been haunting my thoughts. Yes, I've been feverish with the latest influenza strain to hit the London streets and I admit this... Continue Reading →

Death At Disney

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know I recently spent a few days at Disneyland Paris for Halloween. This is something I have dreamed of for many years, and that my dear friend LT made possible by her supreme organisation skills. All I had to do was turn up with my bag and... Continue Reading →

Wellbeing and Being Well

Wellbeing and self care have felt like buzzwords in many ways of recent times. I have no doubt that many companies and brands have capitalised on this to sell products, like with any recognised trend or need within the population. However, I truly believe there is more to this than meditation apps and clay mud... Continue Reading →

And Then I Woke Up

In recent times, my dreams have been intense. I don’t always remember them, but I often wake up with a feeling like I’ve already lived an active day and confused about starting another. The confusion is born from a strange misalignment of whatever was happening in my dream against what I am facing in the... Continue Reading →

Spring Check In

Best laid plans are always easily ruined aren’t they, at least that what the last two years has felt like. It used to be that something certain would happen, but now it feels like anything can change and especially last minute. In relation to that, I can’t remember how many times I’ve promised, or not... Continue Reading →

The Pressure

Note: this was written in the last few weeks and out together through various conversations with friends about this mutual but distinctly different feeling we all have. I have written from my own experience mainly and, I’m sad to say, a lot of this now feels insignificant compared to what has happened in the world... Continue Reading →


Sonder is a word for our own realisation that everyone around is is living their own lives. Not just that, but that they have lives as complex as the one we live and that we have absolutely no awareness of its complexity only that it must exist. Sometimes, on the bus home from work, I... Continue Reading →

Tell Me Your Pronouns

This has been one of the harder blog posts to write, and therefore a big reason for my recent lack of posts which many of you have noticed. I’m finding it hard for several things that I am struggling to express or get my head around, but also I feel the absolute need to do... Continue Reading →

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