A Rainy Sunday in Nunhead

I woke up early again this Sunday! I had my breakfast, said goodbye to my other half and off I headed out in the rain. For the day was made for cemetery wandering and cemetery wandering I was about to do! The gates from within the cemetery Nunhead cemetery is one of the least known... Continue Reading →

Flood, Fire & Blood

My week in summary! Fairly long post I'm afraid but thought I would update you all on what's been happening. Sunday Sunday morning I got up nice and early and headed to the Gardens of Peace Muslim cemetery. I was very kindly granted a complimentary place on a Funeral Awareness Course for Women by the... Continue Reading →

Beware: Itchy Side Effects

I’ve seen a creepier and crawlier side to my job this week. Possibly the one I’m most fearful of. Do you know what bed bugs look like? I didn’t, but I do now. There are a number of parasites and tiny creatures that call the human body home or food. Some whether dead or alive.... Continue Reading →

Things That Go Bump In The Mortuary

One question I get asked a lot is whether I believe in the afterlife. Alongside that is also whether or not I believe in ghosts. I think I oddly find these the hardest questions to answer because of not wanting to offend anyone, which is crazy compared to the other in depth questions I have... Continue Reading →

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