Things That Go Bump In The Mortuary

One question I get asked a lot is whether I believe in the afterlife. Alongside that is also whether or not I believe in ghosts. I think I oddly find these the hardest questions to answer because of not wanting to offend anyone, which is crazy compared to the other in depth questions I have been asked about my job.

For a long time now I have identified as an atheist. A conclusion that I have come to after years of wondering if religion was to be a part of my life when I was younger and resolutely deciding it was not to be as a teenager. This does not mean, however, that I have anything against people being religious in any capacity and I am actually quite fascinated by the many religions I now encounter through my work. The differences in the way people react, respond and deal with death through their religion is so very interesting. I’ve even asked if I can attend some different ceremonies because I am deeply curious about them.

Being an atheist does mean I don’t think there is any such thing as an afterlife. I find it hard to perceive that we all go to this other place after we die. Although I did rather enjoy The Good Place, that’s a concept I could get behind. Again, I have no issue at all with what anyone else believes in. That’s just my personal perspective. I’m also very open to being proven wrong. A Christian friend once asked me about my belief in the afterlife or if anything happens after you die, I honestly replied saying ‘I don’t think so, but I’m excited to find out’. That’s so very true, if it is how I think it is and nothing happens then that’s that. If it isn’t, wont it be interesting to find out what it is?

Fully recommended if you haven’t yet watched!

Do I believe in ghosts? That’s a hard question to answer again but for a very different reason. I hope I’ve portrayed myself as being quite open minded but logical, and therefore I won’t sound ridiculous when I say that I’m not entirely against the idea of something ghostlike. Maybe. I don’t know that I’m not totally imagining things or just a victim of my own over-active imagination but strange things can happen is all. Outside of work I have been ghost hunting and I didn’t really experience much. One of the mediums on the hunt claimed a ghost was clinging to my leg at one point and it did go cold but I’ll be honest and say that again I was probably just a victim of my imagination at that point. I’ve certainly witnessed some strange things at work that have thrown me slightly but I’m not completely settled either way on what any of that actually is!

I will never pretend to be an authority on ghosts or the afterlife at all, I can’t possibly be! However please feel free to talk to me about this topic at any time because I’m fascinated by how people feel about it.

In other news, the Death Cafe for July has been announced for 17th July 7-9pm at The Sweet Rose Cakery. We had such a blast there last time that we know this next one will be a good one! Feel free to get in contact if you’re curious or would like to come along.

MG x

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