Almost Heaven

On Tuesday evening I went along to a screening of Almost Heaven, a documentary by Carol Salter of Rock Salt Films with my friend Laura. Worth mentioning a different friend Laura to the one I went to the museums with. It just so happens that I know quite a few Lauras, and I've never met... Continue Reading →

The Gordon Museum of Pathology

On Tuesday, my friend Laura and I went to the Gordon Museum of Pathology. It's not open to the public, only medical students and a few others are allowed to visit. Fortunately for us, staff members of Guy’s & St. Thomas’ are included in those ‘few others’ and I cheekily rang the curator Bill Edwards... Continue Reading →


I heard this recently on a YouTube video recommended to me- "We fear death because we are born only knowing life”. That was said by the human wonder that is Neil de Grasse Tyson. If you have no idea who that is please, please, please go Google him and watch some videos of him talking.... Continue Reading →

AAPT Conference

I keep singing Wake Me Up When September Ends under my breath when I think about how long I have left in my current job. Then I stifle a giggle and get on with my day!  It's not like I know it's 19 working days and 25 calendar days or something like that anyway. Nope.... Continue Reading →

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