Four weeks to go & Death Positivity

Woke up this morning feeling so low about the fact it’s still an entire month before anything happens with my job! Sometimes I get in a bit of a brain funk and it takes a bit to dig myself out of it. 

To try and distract myself yesterday I started reading up on death positivity. I had an awareness of the death positivity movement and the fact people are making moves towards changing the way in which the world treats the taboo subject of death and how we dispose of our dead. 

One of my favourite non-fiction books is called Necropolis by Catharine Arnold Review in the Guardian Here! which is all about how London has treated it’s deceased since it existed. I found this book really interesting from an archaeologist point of view, but it also left me with a feeling there is a long way to go in improving the whole system around what we do with our deceased. Also, within that, a long way to go in changing people’s perceptions around what should happen. 

One interesting thing I found online yesterday was that it is strongly felt that the death positivity movement is being led by women. This is something I intend to do a lot more reading around for obvious reasons. Look for more on this in future! 

MG x 

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