Eye Donation with NHSBT

The first full week of the year and five day week for some time seemed to simultaneously go fast and slow if such a thing is possible. Slow in that, by the time Friday evening rolled around, I was physically and mentally completely exhausted. I couldn’t pull my brain together to write this yesterday and... Continue Reading →

One Year On…

A year ago yesterday exactly, I had a rotten cold. The kind where your head weighs much more than it should and you ache furiously. I was at work in my office job, which I liked only because of the lovely people I worked with, when I received an email. My Manager noticed that I... Continue Reading →

January is the Monday of the Year

I remember seeing that on Twitter at some point and finding it funny because it's true. I always find January a particularly tough time with my brain. It feels like starting over to me. Like everything seems scary and bleak. I have no idea why this is the case, it’s not at all. I have... Continue Reading →

Return to The Gordon Museum of Pathology

Thursday evening this week something very exciting happened. I had the absolute pleasure of being invited along to the Cellular Pathology Discussion Group December 2017 Meeting at The Gordon Museum thanks to my friend Simon pulling a lot of strings. I turned up at the Gordon Museum ten minutes before the allocated start time, particularly... Continue Reading →

Busy, Removing Eyes.

Well it’s been some week this week! I can’t say I’m not completely exhausted, and I am cooking a roast dinner for around 15 people tomorrow. No word of a lie that I am currently boiling an immense amount of potatoes in preparation. Sunday I will be putting my feet up, but for now I... Continue Reading →

A Puncture & A Prize

I don’t even know where to start with this week! It’s been another busy one. The mortuary is only getting busier now, there’s still quiet-ish days where we can catch up on things but generally I can see the busy time creeping in. Mortuaries are known to be busy in Winter, with the last couple... Continue Reading →

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