Leigh (on Sea) Cemetery

Leigh Cemetery is a tiny cemetery I had the pleasure of wandering about during one morning of the last week. It was a strange experience to visit so soon after visiting a much different place at the weekend. I’d like to talk a little more about this place and my thoughts around cemeteries like this.... Continue Reading →

We’re Going On A Grave Hunt!

In the middle of my very chilled out Autumn break (very chilled because we had zero plans thanks to the possibility of anything being cancelled by lockdown regulations) I find myself with a camera roll full to the brim with grave photos thanks to a lot of cemetery wandering. This not only makes me very... Continue Reading →

Visiting The Deceased Part III

In this final part of my visiting/viewing posts I’d like to have a look at the different experiences and thoughts I’ve had with viewings. The fact of the matter is that they still worry me and I still have a total love/hate relationship with them. I have a lot of anxiety around what could happen... Continue Reading →

Visiting the Deceased Part II

As I mentioned previously, all visits or viewings must be arranged by appointment prior to the day. The mortuary is not somewhere you can just arrive and expect to be able to see someone, we even ask the maintenance team and other people from the hospital to make appointments if not an urgent call. This... Continue Reading →

Autumnal Days & Death Cafes

When I first started doing on call I was absolutely terrified about leaving my phone somewhere I couldn’t hear it. A billion different scenarios would run through my head, I could imagine all the different things that might happen and what I may have to do. I also assumed that whole time that it would... Continue Reading →

Visiting The Deceased Part I

As lockdown eases, we are starting to look to be able to facilitate viewings or visits once again for families of the deceased. It’s an aspect that I feel some people totally understand and others have no idea what to make of, so I thought I would try to explain. I envisage this taking a... Continue Reading →

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