Groove is in the Heart… Part 1

This week I got a bit obsessed with the human heart. It's a bloody wonderful and powerful little thing we often take for granted until it malfunctions or stops. I had the great opportunity to watch another pathologist work again this week. I've discovered there's more than one way to not only eviscerate (they like... Continue Reading →

Eau de Mortuary 

It is a truth universally acknowledged by all tube commuters that some people are just plain stinkier than others. Stinkier and less pleasant to be stuck under the armpit of. Bad smells were not something I thought I would exactly escape by going to work in the mortuary, although I don't get the tube anymore... Continue Reading →

Mortuary Gem Becomes Reality

So you'll be pleased to read that technically I am no longer a liar and a fake, and today was 'Day One' of when I can legitimately call myself Mortuary Gem. This morning I went to work in an actual mortuary in my new job as Mortuary Assistant. I suggest there should be a fanfare... Continue Reading →

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