Who Owns Me Once I’m Dead?

Somehow, the last week came together in a nice neat epiphany last night. I think you would call it an epiphany anyways, or at least I had one of those ‘this is all connected!’ moments that forced a big grin on my face and I knew I had to write about it. As you may... Continue Reading →

A Good Reason to Stay Hydrated

Well the really lovely weather left us as quickly as it came, and currently it’s a weird combination of windy, sunny and rainy. I can’t complain as such, there are some great rainbows when it’s like this. This might be a death blog, but I’m British therefore I still must refer to the weather a... Continue Reading →

Deterioration & Dancing

It’s been a strange start to the week. I can never get used to weeks that start on a Tuesday, it doesn’t feel quite right. Plus I have this thing where Tuesday is the worst day of the week and those who know me well will know this. Yesterday just so happened to be a... Continue Reading →

Ever Seen These Before?

I didn’t want to post this yesterday, because it almost sounds like a really lame attempt at an April fools and it’s totally not. I swear this a thing so bear with me while I explain! Near to my parents’ house where I grew up in Upminster is the church of St. Laurence, and it’s... Continue Reading →

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