How Splenunculus!

Doesn’t it sound like something completely amazing and fabulous. I think I will refer to anything wonderful from now on as splenunculus! It’s actually a little thing that the human body can do, where the spleen doesn’t form in the usual way and creates a little tiny accessory spleen. That little guy is called a... Continue Reading →

So You’re Dead… Were You Prepared?

I think one of the biggest things I seem to metaphorically bang my head against the wall about is the fact people have no idea what to do when someone dies. Culture appears to have, for the last several decades, really tried to put people off discussing death. Especially with our nearest and dearest. In... Continue Reading →

The Smelly World

What an odd week it has been. I can’t deny that I’m very aware of how often I say that but it has been a very odd week. I won’t go into too many details but it’s noticeable the nicer weather is having an impact on the deaths around here, and by that I mean... Continue Reading →

So You’re Dead…. Where Are You?

Everybody knows that one day we are going to die, sorry to break that to you if you didn’t. However we usually never know when, how, why or where that will happen (that Uncertain Certain I wrote about previously). ‘Where’ is a big issue amongst the dying industry of late because it would seem more... Continue Reading →

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