MG Goes Upstairs to the Lab!

Yesterday I visited the Histology Laboratory at work. Now, before I started working here I had no idea what histology was. Probably a bit ridiculous but I’m a real believer in the fact you don’t know things when you’ve just never come across them before and clearly my path had never crossed anything relating to... Continue Reading →

Death Comes to the Cakery

What a fabulous evening last night, I could not have asked for it to go better. Twelve people in total came along to the Sweet Rose Cakery for two hours of death discussions over tea, coffee, milkshakes, wine and cake. There was a lot of cake! Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank... Continue Reading →

Reconstructing Faces in Eastbourne

Last Friday the 8th June, my manager and I rushed out of work at the end of the day from the mortuary and bundled into my little yellow car. I plugged Eastbourne District General Hospital into Google Maps and off we set on a nearly two hour journey towards the south coast. We were not... Continue Reading →

I DO Have A Soul!

I knew it! By knew it, I actually mean I jokingly doubted it while getting a tad worried that I had a heart of stone and nothing would ever upset me besides Supervet or YouTube videos of dogs being reunited with their owners. However on Thursday I actually got quite emotional and had a little... Continue Reading →

Singing to the Dead

Tuesday being the worst day of the week aside, I’m in a fairly positive and upbeat mood this week so far. It struck me yesterday how many families we get visit their relatives and sing to them. It’s happened to me on a few occasions now and I think it's lovely. I know that there... Continue Reading →

MG Reflects on BlogConLDN

It’s a sunny day in East London, and the Internet blogging masses descended upon the CEME centre in Rainham for BlogConLDN. I found this event myself through Eventbrite when searching for things to do while my fiancé was away that were in the local area. It seemed ridiculously coincidental that a blogging convention would be... Continue Reading →

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