Dead Tired, Very Wee Beasties &

I can’t stop yawning, and it happens a lot. I also keep having real moments of ‘I need a nap, right now’ which I think means I’m probably anaemic and iron deficient again as that can happen a lot. I should be better at taking iron tablets but I’m not sadly. I also should be... Continue Reading →

Simon Says Study

I briefly mentioned ‘Simon Says Study’ on my Instagram stories yesterday, so I guess I should explain what is going on! I’m fully into studying for my next exam as well as writing my next assignment, and for this one I need a little help. Turns out Microbiology is complicated, and thorough, and quite confusing... Continue Reading →

Dying Matters

What a Dying Matters Awareness Week it has been! I can’t believe my part in it is over and I managed to cram in three Death Cafes which only got bigger and better as the week went on. The first event at King George Hospital was small but a cheery discussion, my favourite part was... Continue Reading →

Death. Death. Death.

Well after another trip up to Hartlepool, this time to take an exam and hand in my first assignments, I feel thoroughly ready for some Dying Matters week action! Happy, feeling positive face! A brief update, I’m fully stuck into my course now and have met some great people. I have collected some information in... Continue Reading →

Not So Wise Anymore

As you’ve probably seen all over my social media, I had all four of my wisdom teeth out yesterday. My first general anaesthetic, which was genuinely terrifying for me, and my first time at a different hospital than normal. I think I had made it out to be truly awful in my head, so when... Continue Reading →

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