Dead Tired, Very Wee Beasties &

I can’t stop yawning, and it happens a lot. I also keep having real moments of ‘I need a nap, right now’ which I think means I’m probably anaemic and iron deficient again as that can happen a lot. I should be better at taking iron tablets but I’m not sadly. I also should be better at taking vitamins. Oh well.

I’ve been catching up on study and trying to learn about fungi and Protozoa. Fungi includes moulds, mushrooms and yeasts while the Protozoa are little things that cause nasty stuff like malaria. I think my main issue with this upcoming exam will be remembering how to spell all the words like prokaryote, eukaryote and peptidoglycan. I just hope I’ve got them correct there or I would look silly!

Ruby and I learning all about viruses too!

All this bacteria and tiny creature talk has meant I think a lot more about the tiny creatures around me. For example, being told there’s insane amounts of microbes in one gram of soil becomes quite worrying when you’re digging a hole in your garden. I’ve started to notice the little things everywhere, including these in a glove box at work I’m sure I’ve seen and ignored every day but not anymore! Being told that microbes are just everywhere, on and inside you even, is enough to just freak you out a tiny bit. It’s a very cool subject but I’ll be glad to not be hyper aware of the things crawling all over my skin and teeth!

You end up seeing the wee beasties EVERYWHERE

In other exciting news, my colleague Courtney thought it might be cool for us to make some YouTube videos explaining some stuff about our jobs and work. She’s working on, and I’m barely contributing towards, the first one currently so if you have any ideas of questions you’d like us to answer get in touch! I think it’s a great idea of how we can explain our work and jobs to a wider audience.

I’ll leave you with my PPE photo from the other week. This is what we wear for standard post mortems in the post mortem room. We have (from top to bottom) a surgical cap, goggles or glasses, surgical gown, apron, oversleeves, gloves and wellington boots. We typically wear this for any routine post mortems. I’d be interested to see what other people wear or if you have any questions so please get in touch!

MG x

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  1. Cool picture 😂 seriously thank you for these posts it’s made me think more about death and the way you explain it taken away the fear of it 😊


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