MG Takes a Break & Thinks About Funerals

So the time has come to have some time off. After the week that felt like the longest week in the history of weeks, I don’t have to set an alarm for the next 8 days (my alarm usually goes off at 5.55, then 6.03 and then 6.09). It feels very strange. I was having a conversation with my Manager yesterday and I feel ridiculous for being weird about having a week off. For a start, I have complete FOMO (fear of missing out) regarding whatever will happen at the mortuary next week. When anything can happen any day, the possibility of missing something you might never see again is always there. In addition, and without wanting to sound like a smug idiot, I actually like my job so missing a whole 5 days kind of makes me a bit gutted.

Appropriate Friday night beverages!

Anyway, Friday night called for some appropriately themed beverages and some thought. I was pointed in the direction of James O’Brien’s LBC podcast by my partner who mentioned he discussed funerals. I thought this also fitted in nicely with Caitlin Doughty’s Instagram post this week relating to her UK book launch asking what problems the UK funeral trade has which prompted a lot of replies.

James O’Brien’s LBC podcast this week available at all good podcast directories!

Do I think the UK funeral trade is too expensive? Personally, I think that there is a definite need for clarity over what your money is spent on. If they offer packages, there should be a clear idea of what is included and why it costs as much as it does. If only to reassure people that they are not being taken advantage of at a time when they are grieving and vulnerable. I also think that people often sign up to aspects of funerals they neither need nor want for the sake of an easier time. It’s not something a lot of people have any knowledge of and understandably so. However, maybe a little more public understanding of this area is needed in order to make this reality.

Caitlin Doughty’s Instagram post @thegooddeath

Do I think there are other problems with UK funerals? I think the links to the fact no one discusses death or likes to think about it is a problem. I think the fact, like a lot of things, that it is a business and therefore has the interest of making money is a problem. Businesses get greedy. Around here a lot of the funeral companies are big traditional, family run businesses from the East End of London with years of experience and trust from the community. If this gives someone a sense of peace at a horrible time, I’m not one to criticise that. The major problem does come when someone is unable to afford a funeral at their costs, and I’ve seen this happen in my short time at the mortuary. Trying to arrange an ‘affordable’ funeral can be a stressful act but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the direction the funeral industry moves towards in the future.

I’d be interested to know what others think and feel about this. If you have had a recent experience of this please comment below with your thoughts if you would like to.

In other news, I have a lot planned for my week off! Wait and see, but you might be severely disappointed or pleased with the fact I plan to not take a break from blogging. Thank you for reading and enjoy your weekend.

MG x

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  1. My Dad always used to say “just stick me in a cardboard box”, however this didn’t seem to be an option lol. Plus my Mum said she’d refuse to be in a car behind it. Maybe one day, with focus on environmental issues,some form of cardboard coffin wouldn’t be too far fetched?!

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    1. Actually there are cardboard coffins and even fabric wraps you can use now. Environmentally friendly cemeteries are becoming more available and things are definitely heading in the right direction from that sense.

      I like this website, you can have images printed on the coffin too! I saw one once with someone’s cat on the front!


      1. It’s funny how Dad said about it just in a kinda flippant way-he was cremated and didnt see the point in having or spending money on a fancy coffin when it ultimately became ashes itself, and now its actually a thing! And now the whole ‘i want to be a tree’ thing is possible too! (The advert reference maybe before your time lol)

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    1. I know the tree thing! And yeah total reality now. I would have pictures of animals for sure. I have an old rusty box I bought at a market which is covered in little pictures of chickens. I might take inspiration from that and be buried in a chicken box!


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