Barts Pathology Open Day

As you can probably tell, I got the mortuary assistant job. I can’t even put into words how happy that made me! 

However, I don’t want to dwell on that. Not because it’s not amazing, but because it was obvious from the fact I’d started this blog and it’s not as interesting as the things that have happened otherwise.

Tuesday 22nd August, St. Bart’s Pathology Museum hosted their second open day. The technical curator, Carla Valentine, is a new found idol of mine since my friend from my administration job introduced me to her on Instagram! She is an awesome human being and as much as I wanted to have a nose around the museum I also jumped at the chance to meet her. For more info see here!

So my friend and I go along after doing a half day (possibly the longest half day ever!) and take our copies of the book Carla wrote in the slim chance she might sign them for us. Yep, we are those kind of fan girls. Although, when we got there Carla was on the door taking names and I suddenly knew my anxiety was going to prevent me saying anything coherent to her.

The next hour we looked at the different pots on show and talked about all the different things we could see. It was fascinating, utterly fascinating and an hour was not enough. No way near enough! We weren’t even a third of the way round when they said we had twenty minutes left. So we rushed round trying to see all the items even if incredibly quickly.

When we got to the end, there was Carla at the check in desk. I totally wimped out, when my friend just decided to go and ask her. Such bravery I can’t even imagine having!! I managed to go over too, and eventually after finding my voice explain that I was going to start a mortuary job soon and that she was a huge inspiration after reading her book.

She smiled and wished me luck, asked me my name and signed my book. She then recommended we both visit the Gordon Museum and said we should go to other events at Barts. I walked away with the biggest grin on my face and spring in my step.

As a cherry on top of the cake that was that day, I got home to a certificate that I was now an associate member of the AAPT ( thanks to my new manager at the mortuary. That, and news that I had got a self funded day ticket to the upcoming conference. That was a most excellent day all round.


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