Do I Actually Own a TV?

It was a fair question to be asked this week and got me thinking. I usually notice when I say something regularly, and of late it’s become ‘I was listening to a podcast the other day….’. Once upon a time it was ‘reading’ and ‘book’, but I seem to have become engrossed and a tad obsessed with downloading podcasts and absorbing all they have to offer. Thought it might be interesting for me to share some of my favourites and why I like them, seeing as it seems to be the way I spend most of my spare time these days!

If you don’t know, and apologies if this is stuff you already know, you can download podcasts from a variety of different platforms but I tend to use iTunes and Podbean (many other podcast providers are available!). Podcasts are like radio shows of a sort, but you can download them and listen whenever you like. They can be factual, comedy, drama, any kind of format you can think of and the best bit is that they are free! This does often mean listening to promotions or adverts (usually for mattresses or Hello Fresh I’ve noticed) but sometimes those offers are really good too! It’s a win-win situation.

WOWooden Overcoats – I had to start with Wooden Overcoats because I think it’s my favourite by far. It’s a tale about a channel island called Piffling and a town where there are two rival funeral directors. It’s hilarious and clever, and Season 3 comes out very soon though you still have time to binge listen to the first two seasons before that happens. They’re also doing some live shows coming up, I’ve been to one before and it was wonderful! You will often find me telling people about this show on a regular basis.


The Bright Sessions – This podcast is a thought-provoking drama where each episode you meet a different person who is undergoing therapy. Each individual has an interesting ‘ability’ that adds a great deal of interesting aspects to the session. A great listen with some very tense moments. Think X-Men but not in a superhero world and with more realistic powers (if that even makes any sense).


Geek Chic’s Weird Science – Dr Jack Lewis and Liana Bird discuss the latest science news and discoveries with a touch of wonder and humour. I really like this podcast because they highlight news stories I often miss or aren’t in the forefront of the main news. Each story is explained in a way I can understand and they often revisit stories or thoughts from previous episodes.


Griefcast Cariad Lloyd hosts this poignant podcast where each week she interviews a different person about a bereavement they have been through. She relates each one to how she lost her Dad when she was fifteen and each interviewee speaks frankly about what they went through and how they coped with it. Cariad asks some great questions and the openness of each interview amazes me. I’ve cried and laughed along with the people on here and it’s really opened my mind to the experiences of the people who come to visit their relatives at work.


Invisibilia –  A difficult one to describe, but the hosts of Invisibilia describe some wonderful stories and feats of humanity, the idea being that there is an invisible side of life that they discuss. I wanted to mention this because some of the stories they discuss are amazing.


Made of Human – Sofie Hagen is a comedian and a wonderful human being, and I love her a lot. Her weekly podcast is interviewing different people and talking about what makes us human. Often talking to people about their own struggles with things like anxiety, depression and other serious mental health issues or health issues that are also, to some extent, taboo.


The Unseen Hour – This is a horror-comedy show which is silly in places and cut with monologues or songs that are performed by various people each time and they can be plaintive, emotive or just plain strange. I love the style of this show and it’s familiar sense of entertainment. I keep meaning to book tickets to go and see this recorded live at some point.


Finally, to finish off, I couldn’t do a post about podcasts and not recommend my own one (even though I’m not suggesting it is in the same league as those above!). Once a month, Adam and myself record This Little Island  and discuss a different topic, sometimes joined by a special guest. We have covered topics such as feminism, mental health, fake news and, more recently, the phenomenon of the love of underdogs. I love making this podcast and researching the different topics. If you are new to podcasts, or just after some new ones to listen to, then check out the ones I’ve suggested above. I could keep going with suggestions, but I think this is enough for now, maybe I will do another post in the future.

That’s all from me for today, other than to say that this week the other trainee in the mortuary left to go on maternity leave. I shall miss her lots but wish her the very best with her new adventure into motherhood! Thank you for reading and have a great weekend.

MG x


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  1. I am thoroughly enjoying Wooden Overcoats. Thank you. I will now recommend “Bleak Expectations”. As a pod cast. I listened to it some time ago. It’s very well done x

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