A Confession

This is my fifth attempt at writing the opening of this post, which is somewhat upsetting considering what I mean from the title. The point is, I decided a couple of months ago that I would attempt a project. An idea I have had for some research, a very widespread and ambitious piece of research which I would like to think could ultimately lend itself to something very exciting indeed.

At this point I must admit that this has been rather stupid timing on my part as I try to finish my Level 4 Diploma and now feel largely overwhelmed most of the time. Some things had to give while I battled with priorities and my own brain, and blog posts fell to the bottom of the task pile. I’m still going to be vague about what I am doing and where it is heading, mainly because it changes regularly with my confidence levels and how positive I feel about it. Yet I am determined to have fun and while it remains interesting and fun for me I will continue to work on this.

Hence, what I would like to do is use some of the research I am doing to fuel and develop some writing on here. It will be a good way of gaining interest in my written work and organising my thoughts somehow when currently they are everywhere, all the time and all encompassing.

That being said, you will hopefully see some posts coming out that are more like my previous researched historic based work. I hope that these will be interesting, and they will still be relevant to the subject matter of this blog and what I think people would like to read.

I’ll leave this here for now, but keep an eye out for some exciting things in the future.

MG x

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