Happy 1st Anniversary To Me!

One whole year employed as a Mortuary Assistant/Trainee APT has gone by. What an incredible thing to be able to say. One year on and I’ve achieved some amazing things I really find hard to believe. Our lovely admin assistant bought me a box of French Fancies to celebrate, and I might have just mentioned it a few times more than was appropriate through the day.

Always a yellow one. Yellow is the best.

Brain count is up to 55, it’s slowed right down again but I’m still counting. I can’t wait to get to my next milestone of 75, although I think I will need to add another post it note at some point or devise a better counting system.

We might have got a new label machine in the office and I definitely didn’t play around with it for a while.

The week before last we said goodbye to one of our experienced members of staff who left to go and work at another mortuary. I was sad to see her go, and I wish her all the best in her future at her new job. She taught me a lot in the post mortem room and I’m really grateful for all her help. My other colleague who has been on maternity leave for what feels like forever has confirmed she is coming back soon so I’m really looking forward to having her back in the team!

I’ve been training people and on Monday I have to stand in front of a room full of nurses and talk to them about what we do. I’m actually quite nervous but also very excited in a weird way. I find giving training to others is really good at showing yourself how much you know.

This week I went and got my flu jab at work! I think it’s really important to protect yourself against the flu if you can, and by doing so you also protect those around you. I hope. Last year I got the jab but my other half didn’t, I had a bit of a cold at one point which was easily gotten over whereas a few days later he was completely bed ridden with flu. I don’t know if I gave it to him, but if he’d had the flu jab he probably wouldn’t have been so sick! Some might wonder why a mortuary worker needs to worry about protecting patients. I still walk through the hospital, see family members and my colleagues so it’s not that I never see another living person!

Dr Flu! This year’s flu jab campaign theme at the trust.

Outside of work, Rocks (my cat) has been out of the vets for over a week now, the longest he’s been home since August. Really great to have him home. I missed him so badly and honestly didn’t think he would be coming home at one point.

October is a busy month, what with the London Month of the Dead happening and a few other events. I’ll be sure to let you know when I’ve attended and what happened. The events at the Barts Pathology Museum kick off again shortly and can be found here. I’m also off on a couple of trips next month and planning them has been a lot of fun.

The Upminster Death Cafe is taking a break for October but will be back on the 6th November and then again on the 4th December. We hoped doing an early one both of these months might attract some different people and give us a chance to have a break over the busy Christmas period! I’m also in the works of planning a weekend event for those that can’t get to the Tuesday evening so if you would like to be included let me know.

MG x

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