Laters 2018! Hello 2019!

Looking back on the last year, I can only be shocked at how far I have come and the things I have done and seen. Although I’ve not had a break between Christmas and New Year, the way the days have fallen it’s still been really confusing as to what day it is and whether I need to be up before dawn or not. To be honest I seem to wake up around 6am any morning these days even if I’m not at work, my body clock is finely tuned apparently but my Nan told me she still wakes up at 5.30am because she used when my Grandad went to work. I’ll be forever waking up at 6am then.

Boxing Day Shenanigans at my Aunt’s House, excuse the festive double chin

We had a lovely, quiet Christmas in our house and saw lots of family over the two days. I’m lucky to have family to share it with, but also happy with the quieter moments watching Christmas specials in my pyjamas with the fluffy ones and my fiancé. This year I have certainly learnt to enjoy the quiet times, almost more than the busy times. I’ve discovered I need to not book myself up for anything more than one day in a row, the break being necessary to recharge. I’m not sure if that’s a post-turning 30 thing or the tools of having an active job, possibly both! Not a bad lesson to learn and carry into the new year, to be sure take or make time for myself if I want to function.

In the last year I gained my trainee position, I have been granted a place on the training course for 2019, been made Student Representative for the AAPT and, most importantly, kept my brain count going to reach a milestone of 70 brains removed. My understanding of anatomy is slowly getting there; I’m definitely able to recognise structures and features easier now but there’s a long way to go. I can’t wait to start my course and meet all the other students, I’ll be heading up to Hartlepool in February. I feel very at home in the mortuary, I now love giving the talks and tours to the nursing staff which I never thought I’d be comfortable with. I am very proud of myself for the things I have accomplished, I can see in myself that I am happier in general due to my hard work and patience.

Importance of taking time for yourself, as long as it includes snacks

Looking forward to 2019 still, there’s something exciting happening at work in January which I can’t wait to experience. I have more meetings with the AAPT booked in to attend, plus in September is the annual AAPT conference which will be in Edinburgh. I’m sure it will be an exciting year all round and I’ll continue to update you all with my progress.

Just a couple of my awesome presents

For now, I’m taking some time this weekend to rest and consider how I’m going to make it to midnight on Monday night. My grand plans for today involve reading the books I received for Christmas, eating chocolate and watching the new Black Mirror on Netflix. I’d like to wish you all a lovely New Year’s Eve and enjoy however you see in 2019. Thank you for reading and I hope you will visit here again soon!

MG x

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