Come To The Mortuary- We Have Cake!

This was the week I turned 32, I think I finally understood how yeasts grow and work was really enjoyable. Not just enjoyable because we had cake, but also enjoyable because I felt like I did some work I was really proud of and I could feel my confidence grow further than ever before.

When we do snacks, we do them right!

Finding this career and the Death Cafe movement really has been the turning point in my life. I have found something I am truly passionate about and that makes me want to go to work each day, makes me insatiable for the knowledge and experiences I can gain and drives me forward. I won’t show off like this for the whole post, but I just wanted to reiterate that I know I am very lucky to have ended up where I am and to be looking at such a promising career. For anyone trying to get a trainee job, or a mortuary assistant job or anything/anywhere in the death industry, the main piece of advice I have is keep trying. On that note, I am more than happy to give advice and I do on a regular basis so get in contact!

This week I was also incredibly lucky to attend an AAPT event at probably my favourite museum ever with some awesome people. The talk was focused on mass fatalities by the inspiring Dr. Fiona Wilcox who is HM Senior Coroner for Inner West London. It was fascinating and absolutely riveting, plus I’ll gladly take any advantage to wander about the Gordon if only to stare at Joseph Towne’s wax models for a while. They are so beautiful I have to admire them when I can.

Let it always be known that I love a certificate!

Looking ahead, I have my third trip up to Hartlepool in under two weeks now, my Microbiology exam will take place then and I’m petrified I’ve learnt entirely the wrong life cycles or Latin names for things. We have our Upminster Death Cafe coming up on July 16th, plus I’ll be at the Queen’s Hospital Death Cafe on the same date at an earlier time. July is looking like a busy month but I’m hoping to get in a cemetery visit or two too because it’s been a while. This weekend I’m mostly revising, wish me luck!

Queen’s Hospital Death Cafe is 16:30 on 16th July

Followed by the Upminster Death Cafe at 19:00 at The Sweet Rose Cakery!

MG x

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