Post-Hartlepool Overload

As it turns out, two drives of five hours within three days, an exam and some intense lectures are enough to completely frazzle my mind. I am not complaining at having the opportunity I’ve been given to do what I do, oh goodness no and I totally realise just how lucky I am to be doing what I am. However, I need to learn how to switch off and that’s the bit I’m struggling with!

Four hours, forty minutes there on Wednesday and then about six hours return in traffic on Friday!

I had a brilliant time in Hartlepool however, it was fabulous to meet up with all the other trainees again. The exam was no way near as bad as I had made it to be in my mind, well the first question was nasty but I calmly took my time to read all the other questions before I panicked and realised it was only that one that I knew would completely baffle me. Oh and maybe two other one point questions that I can’t be angry about.

A sneak peak at some of my lymphatic system slides.

We started our anatomy and physiology lectures and have been armed with all we need for our part one exam in September. So here starts another 8 weeks of stressing about exam results, an assignment and revision- here we go again! I did get to have a proper wander about the Marina this time around and explore a bit which was nice, some photos below.

This coming week I have a Death Cafe double bill on Tuesday with first regular event held at the hospital and our regular event on the same day a couple of hours after. I know how to pile it on myself! If you would like to come along or are unsure but tempted then please get in touch.

Some of the many photos I took at Hartlepool Marina last week

Apologies for the short update, I really wanted to check in but don’t have it in me for a long post this time around I’m afraid! I will soon, I promise!

MG x

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