Cleanliness Is Next To Excellence…. Part 3

It seemed very apt that on the day where I was struggling to settle on what to write about, I was tasked with helping clean out a fridge. Yep, today I climbed inside a fridge with all the trays removed and cleaned the back wall plus the back half including the rollers. Such a very strange feeling to be inside a fridge, for a start.

Tyvek suits are not only good for post mortems or crime scenes, also can keep you warm in the back of a fridge. Plus who can deny how glamorous we look?

I then wondered, of course I did, what it would be like with the door shut so asked my colleague to close it on me. I lasted barely a second before I banged on the door shouting ‘I DON’T LIKE IT’. I might have to reconsider that I thought I would be totally cool with coffin therapy after that.

The Korean practice of facing death- more here South Koreans learn to thank life by experiencing death Korean Biomedical Review

Fridge banks are always in use. Always. They are always on, always running and nearly always have someone in them. Not only did people have to be moved to clean the fridge but it was only one of our smaller banks of fridges that holds eight people. It’s a much more mammoth task than you might think when you have over 100 spaces and a large bank that holds 32 people.

I think one thing I like to point out to people is that our mortuary, and most others I have seen, do not have the single door openings like you see in most television programmes or films. We have one big door which opens to a bank, like your fridge at home. I don’t know if the media style is for a reason or is a more American style. If anyone does know please get in touch!

Our empty fridge banktaken from a Romford Recorder article here which is interesting in itself!

Only a short one today, but it’s an aspect I thought I’d highlight. Our fridges are big, clean, and very cold if you’re stood at the back cleaning rollers.

MG x

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  1. Wow, this is why I love your blog as you cover off things that normal people don’t even consider when it comes to a mortuary! You always assume it should be a dirty place, but from your posts it sound the opposite. Could you post up a video with you getting kitted up, like showing all the ppe you put on? There is a few American videos on YouTube but nothing from the UK and given your page it would be amazing.

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