MG: Death Cafes & Podcasts

I can hear the rain and the wind hitting the window above me as I start writing this. Storm Dennis is battering the world outside but I’m snuggled with Ruby the cat in my little study space having just completed a lot of Death Cafe admin work. It was a strange week where I spent Tuesday thinking it was Thursday, so Wednesday felt like Friday and then two days followed where I generally had no idea what the day was.

Storm Dennis can’t get us here

Tuesday evening we had the February Upminster Death Cafe which was lovely and we had many regular attendees come along. I, importantly, got my Vegetarian Stacker fix and we had some very interesting topics come up. One fascinating topic that came up was the experience of loved ones who have died appearing to those dying in their final days. It was definitely something I’d not thought of before but certainly brings a warmth and comforting feeling to dying.

There’s tea, coffee or always something stronger available if you fancy!

I am so very, very pleased to say that my evidence portfolio is now complete and submitted accordingly. I was starting to annoy myself and everyone around me with my worrying about it, I certainly feel like a weight has been lifted. Now it’s the wait for an assessor to be assigned to me and for a date to be set for my practical exam. I won’t let myself get worried about that just yet!

Digitally uploaded, printed in full and sat upon by The Rockstar- it’s officially complete

A few weeks ago I was interviewed for The Science Council Podcast as part of their Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). I had a great time chatting with the host Charlie and sharing some thoughts on my career and women in the mortuary. The full interview can be found here. Before I had my current job, when I worked at Guy’s Hospital, I was lucky to meet and be shown around St. Thomas’ Hospital Mortuary by Lara-Rose Iredale Senior APT who has also taken part in the series. Lara is a huge inspiration to me and her interview can be found here.

I’ve been discovering and listening to new podcasts this week myself too. If you haven’t seen, BBC Sounds have a new series called Mortem with Carla Valentine which is excellent so far (3 episodes released). I also found Diary, She Wrote which is a great series by Liz Beardsell who pieces together excerpts from diaries written daily since she was 12 to talk about significant moments in her life. The latest episode discusses grief and bereavement in such a poignant way, I really cannot recommend this podcast more.


The selection of different podcasts I’ve encountered this week!

Lastly, the King George Death Cafe is coming up on Tuesday and I hope to see some new people! This Hospital death cafe has proven to be quite popular among staff to pop along during their lunches and has provided some peace of mind to people who, for example, have openly discussed experiencing the death of patients in their care. It is open from 11.30-12.30 in the Cedar Centre.


That’s all from me this week, feeling the most relaxed I’ve felt in a long time. Hopefully this will show in my writing!

MG x

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