Good Things Can Happen in Threes Too

The last week has been an eventful one, and that is putting it mildly. With slowly coming out of quarantine comes a lot of things all suddenly starting to happen or being planned which is both exciting and absolutely overwhelming.

Last update I gave clues that my practical assessment was pending, what I didn’t say was that it was booked in for the last Friday and then had to be pushed forward to Monday which meant I spent all weekend having nightmares about how it could go wrong. A biggie was not being able to talk, I dreamt several times that I failed because I couldn’t speak. Brilliant. I, however, did not struggle to speak on the day luckily and had a good assessment overall. The day involved my assessor shadowing me the whole time while asking me questions or asking me to explain why things were done in that way. I’m glad to be able to say that I have been provisionally passed now in all aspects of my qualification so pending verification I have passed overall. That still doesn’t feel real but it’s a relief to have that stress and worry taken off of me.

Presents from my lovely team after my assessment

On Tuesday Rachel and I hosted the July Death Cafe event on Zoom which was slow to start but was a great event with some brilliant topics covered. One thing I love about hosting a Death Cafe is the variety of topics explored by the people who attend, especially the combination of cheery topics amongst some very serious ones. In my mind, discussing death should both cover the heavier topics while being able to cover or make other aspects more approachable or even happy ones to talk about. One particular topic I liked from this week was someone asking everyone how they would not like to die. Thought provoking and slightly uncomfortable for some, it made some people think about a question they may never have done before.

Slight new location this time as I logged in from my parents house (social bubble formed with them)

The remainder of my week has been absorbed by the fact we found out that although our big wedding has had to be moved to next year, our registry office ceremony can still go ahead as planned next month. While this was happy news, it also suddenly meant that there’s a fair bit of planning and organising to do. Plus a reminder to probably let people know the new date for the other event. Honestly this is all very exciting but also a lot to happen in one week when not a lot has happened in a good few months.

Better start sorting stuff out I guess…

That my update for this week. I’ll leave you and hope you’ve had a good weekend. Before I sign off, make a note that the August Death Cafe is now taking place on Tuesday 11th August at 7.30pm. Oh, and I’d love to say thank you so much to the lovely Kate for her gift to the mortuary team this week!

Get in touch if you would like to attend and don’t receive updates from me already!

MG x

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