Inside. Again.

There’s something hugely ironic about having a great birthday, watching Bo Burnham’s Inside and thinking ‘Well I’m glad we’re nearly done with all that’ and then receiving a notification that I have to isolate for seven days. It may seem out of character to do a weekly update on a Tuesday but that’s because my week long stint indoors is nearly over and I have a few things to write about today. I should also say that I do not believe I contracted coronavirus and have had two negative lateral flow tests in the last week.

Pretty cool jigsaw I received for my birthday came in handy this week!

This week it was announced that everyone who has worked or works for the NHS is given the George Cross for our efforts in our careers. Personally I think this is still sinking in, that while this is a wonderful thing to be announced it feels a little off in the grand scheme of things. Particularly as many of my mortuary colleagues across the country do not work for the NHS and therefore went through exactly the same as me in the last year and half but are once again unrecognised in the thanks given. The immediate jovial question for a lot of people is whether we can mention it on our CVs or put the letters after our names. I guess so if we want, and why not? I’ll take a GC after my name even if it only makes me think of a certain TOWIE celebrity when put that way. If you don’t know what I’m going on about, I don’t recommend you Google that!

Coinciding with my isolation drawing to a close and the thanks from the Queen came the announcement that as of the 19th July the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions will be removed in England. It’s a huge understatement to say this makes me feel uneasy. While I see that although case numbers are increasing, those admitted to hospital or dying remains in low figures, but this is while restrictions have still been in place. In addition to this, not being hospitalised or dying from a virus does not remove the possibility of gaining long-covid symptoms or being affected in the long term in some way. I know of many people who are experiencing lung, fatigue or smell/taste issues long after having recovered from the virus.

One thing I hope for in all of this is that if people choose to continue to wear masks, something I will do myself when I’m public places indoors or on public transport, they do not suffer from abuse or ridicule for wanting to do so. I fear that the removal of compulsory restrictions will empower some individuals to feel like they are an authority in some way in this manner.

The last time I was out of my house a week ago.

I would say that I am skeptical about what lies ahead, but whatever happens cannot be assumed or guessed and that is what I have learnt from the past. I’ve learnt to be realistic, and know that things can get very bad but also can potentially be better than expected. I know that a huge number of people will be feeling very anxious and scared about these announcements. Please don’t go through that on your own and if you want to reach out to me I can be contacted in many ways which you will find here. Take care everyone.

MG x

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