Spring Check In

Best laid plans are always easily ruined aren’t they, at least that what the last two years has felt like. It used to be that something certain would happen, but now it feels like anything can change and especially last minute. In relation to that, I can’t remember how many times I’ve promised, or not promised, to get back to regular blog writing and not yet even really managed a smooth run of a few weeks! Hence, here I promise nothing whatsoever, only that I’m checking in to let you all know how I’m doing.

I’m full swing into my Level 4 Diploma now, with my first coursework due next week and for this I have to give a presentation to some of the other students. The next few days will be spent practicing and rehearsing this to myself, the cats, the dogs (if they sit still long enough) and, frankly, to anyone who will listen. I don’t believe I can over prepare for something like that so I will consequentially drive myself wild trying. The first exam of the course is in April and then I have a series of assignments, study days and exams throughout the year. Hopefully, I will finish this course before the end of next year and then go on to do other exciting things. I still have my sights set on one day completing a PhD and potentially writing a book but I worry I have strayed too far from academia to make this a reality. 

A lot has happened in the last few months at work, visibly our mortuary is undergoing a complete refurbishment and with the floor being replaced over the past week a thin layer of dust appeared a bit like the Saharan dust outside. It’s lovely to see the mortuary have a little pamper and feel renewed, it’s given a really good energy to the place. The final big changes are happening now in our most used areas and it’s exciting. 

Death Cafe has been a challenge for a number of reasons, trying to fit it in around everything plus the number of people wanting to attend seemingly demanding more events! All I can say is that I need to feel good about running these which can be hard when I find them stressful. Certain events that will take place this year are not yet confirmed, but there will be at least one in the first week of May for Dying Matters week. Potentially I will take a break until then to refocus on what these events mean to me. Having discussed this with Rachel my co-host, the regular online events were a necessity and felt worthwhile during the pandemic. We are both feeling like they may have run their course now, with online socialising not feeling as needed as it did. This doesn’t mean that we won’t ever run these again, but with offline life becoming busy again it will certainly not be as often. 

As the weather improves and going outside seems like a nice idea once again, I’ve been excitedly making plans for attending the AAPT Annual Education Event later this year and thinking about my other wanderings around the country. Looks like I’ll be getting about to potentially all four corners of England by the time this year is out, and maybe even a cheeky trip or two to France. Watch out for future updates of where I end up, and what I end up doing. I’ll definitely be heading to Cornwall, Milton Keynes, Liverpool and Norfolk before the year is out at least! Travelling is something that I felt an impact from not being able to do, visiting new places always gives me a sense of appreciation of home and resets my psyche in a way I cannot achieve from staying in one place. 

Once again, a lot of time has been spent thinking about what direction to take this blog in and what mini-series of posts to run that people would find useful or interesting. Looking back, some of my most read posts are either the informative ones like my guide to help with grief or my more thoughtful ones like the very recent Sonder. Most recently, I’ve been considering a series covering the two Diploma qualifications and what they entail, plus some general advice on AAPT careers. More detailed advice is always available at the AAPT Careers Webinars that I help run regularly throughout the year, you can get notifications of this by signing up to the AAPT newsletter here. One thing I would really love to do again is research something historical like I did previously for the Rest In Peace Londonposts. All I need is a little spark on inspiration for a direction to go with that which I am sure will happen when it is meant to. I think I have sensed the glimmer of a tiny spark of an idea, something which through a quick delve into an online search proves to have not been researched before which is quite exciting. 

I will leave you with a Spring Equinox incoming, and hopefully some cheery thoughts of what lies ahead. Thank you for reading, and as always please do get in touch if you have any questions, or indeed any ideas or sparks of inspiration to send my way! 

MG x

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