Well, Hello.

This blog post is my first for longer than I care to think for a number of reasons. Some I can discuss and others I will not. I know I am a very open person, so at least I can be honest in saying that there are some things I cannot and will not write about.

I don’t know how or why I felt compelled to start writing again but it’s come at a time where I feel a little like I’m clawing my way out of a dark time in a few areas of my life. With new found positivity and optimism, I also regained my desire to write which is actually really quite positive in itself after a long while of feeling unable to. I’ve also been asked to write a couple of submissions for other projects, including another blog and something else exciting. Once again, writing feels doable which is not how it’s been for some time.

It sometimes has occurred to me how often I talked a lot about my life outside of my work here, and I will still want to do that from time to time but I do feel that I need to refocus on why I started this blog in the first place. This does feel a bit like going over old ground again, and perhaps repeating myself from my last blog posts where I’d tried to restart regular updates. All I can say is that I have some ideas and I will work through them as and when I can. I still want to be able to share insights into my work, my thoughts around it and help anyone interested in this career.

Currently I am seemingly coming out of the fourth, fifth or whatever iteration of covid we are currently residing in with no sign of it being fully over anytime soon. A lot of the country right now would have you believe that it is all done and dusted, and that we are now safely on the other side of things. I’d like to remind everyone that covid is very much still a danger to everyone while people have medical conditions that means they would struggle to fight it off and while an overwhelming number of people refuse to have the vaccine when they can. That is a hill I will happily reside on forever if needs must.

I have restarted therapy and have regular sessions which have immensely improved since my last therapist seemingly ghosted me. I laugh about it now, and hope there was some misunderstanding but there’s nothing quite like being left adrift by your own therapist to make you feel like you are beyond help. However I’ve found someone who I can speak to openly and feel like it’s very constructive.

I am about a third of the way through my next qualification, the Level 4 Diploma in Anatomical Pathology Technology with several exams and assignments for it under my belt. It is excellent to be progressing still and moving forward. Although I have applied for two jobs recently that would have really propelled my career, and admittedly although been unsuccessful I have been frustratingly close to reaching my goals so soon. It’s wildly pointed out to me that I am impatient and am expecting a lot of myself in a short space of time. Reflecting back I can see that I’ve done a lot in the last five years but that doesn’t mean I need to continue on this trajectory to be worthy or deemed successful. Now is the time I need to really have a think about what I want and how I’m going to get there.

I hope that by continuing to share my story I can help inspire people, and additionally let everyone know that I’m still here and still continuing to be MortuaryGem for as long as I can!

MG x

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  1. Hi mortuary gem Absolutely fantastic to hear from you have been through so much and hopefully u are on the up and up I fond your blogs interesting as it helps me deal with victims families as thier loved had died tragically I can build a picture up of how I am going to answer questions truthfully and honestly to them. Babe just take it steady if you get chance acknowledge my email. And above all your message is out loud and clear your back and gradually u will be back on top form take care . Kindest regards Jazz.


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