Updates, Apologies & September Death Cafe

I think this is the longest I’ve gone in a while without writing a blog post! There’s no specific reason other than I’ve been working on a post I wanted to get out but I’ve not been able to get the photos I wanted yet, so hopefully soon that will be with you.

Instead, I thought I would update you all on what’s been going on. We’ve had some crazy busy days and some crazily calm days at the mortuary. It’s a bit like the end of summer doesn’t really know what to do with itself in regards to deaths. Odd thing to say, but considering we never actually quietened down from Easter onwards like is common each year and therefore have no idea what the winter will have in store for us, it’s also really strange to have no idea what the morning holds for us!

I’ve also not had much chance to get in the post-mortem room unfortunately due to staff being on leave and training the new member of staff on the administrative side of things. I’m not too sad about this, because I know I’ll be back in there soon enough. I’m hoping to try and learn a few new things once I do. The brain count is up to a healthy but teasing 45, at rate I’m going I could reach 50 in a few weeks or in a couple of days, there’s no telling. Last weekend I tried to explain brain removal to a friend who works in a lab in another hospital and realised how hard it is without any kind of props. You simply cannot demonstrate on your own head.

At the weekend also, I caught up with a load of friends who I haven’t seen in such a long time. It was so lovely to see them all, and overwhelming to hear them say how interesting my job/blog is. I do feel like I talk a lot of death these days, which not everyone appreciates but I’m always shocked by how many people are intrigued and ask me questions.

The post I am working on is based upon the items of clothing and protective wear we use in the mortuary. Hence why it is going to be lengthy and many photos are required! If there is anything specific you would like to know please email or comment here as I’m definitely tailoring that to what people are interested in. So far I’ve had in depth questions regarding footwear and gloves- anyone out there got any burning questions about anything else?

Anyone got any questions about this stunning outfit?

The next Upminster Death Cafe is on the 18th September in just under two weeks. It’s been a bit last minute in organising but will still be a great event as always I assure you!

Full September Upminster Death Cafe Flyer

I’ll leave you all with a little embarrassing story. Sometimes, in fact a lot of the time, I’m in the habit of saying entirely the wrong thing for the situation. Not good when you work in a mortuary. I actually told someone today that standing in front of an open freezer door made me feel like I was, and I quote, “freezing to death”. It couldn’t have been more inappropriate and if the ground could have swallowed me up right then, I’d have been very grateful. Luckily I think they accepted my apology and found it at least mildly humorous. I so very dearly hope so!

MG x

3 thoughts on “Updates, Apologies & September Death Cafe

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  1. This is going to be a really stupid Q so apologies in advance!
    Is your mortuary protective clothing used only once?
    What happens to it afterwards?
    Is it recyclable?
    Or does it go off to landfill?
    Ooh that’s four Qs – sorry!! X


  2. So looking forward to your next post, it seems so weird, but death is such a taboo and whilst you see doctors and surgeons all kitted out with ppe for operations etc mortuary staff are normally kitted our like they are expecting the apocalypse 🙂
    Would love if you could detail out all the items of ppe you wear as well as some photos with it all on.
    PS absolutely love your posts. Well done for opening this taboo subject up in such a informative and interesting way.

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