Where can I find rest…

…but in death?

Don’t worry, I’m perfectly okay. I’ve been reading Frankenstein this week and a dramatic, moody title for this post was born from the gothic novel. Unintentionally I’ve ended up reading that while revising anatomy and mostly staring at videos of anatomists explaining things on YouTube. I cannot fault YouTube for the wealth of knowledge stored there in videos like these. The fact people take the time to record them I’m ever so grateful for because I’ve found ways of remembering things I would never have found otherwise. For anatomy revision I highly recommend videos by Sam Webster, Osmosis, Dr. John Campbell and Armando Hasudungan.

Sam Webster with a model heart I wish I owned and the copy of Frankenstein I’ve been carrying around

On that note, this week I got my Microbiology exam results back and I’m pleased to say I passed. Two exams down and two anatomy ones left now. Also just waiting for my Microbiology assignment result back too. Hopefully any day now which is anxiety inducing just as with the exam results. I could barely check the screen when I heard they had come out.

After last week and trying to give blood, only to be refused due to my poor level of haemoglobin, I paid a visit to my GP to make sure there’s nothing amiss. She referred me for a blood test and we discussed the possible causes which could be my iron levels or my vitamin B levels which have both been very poor in the past. I’ve noticed that with beginning to cycle to work again this week, my energy stores are low and I’m finding I’m getting exhausted very easily. Horrifically, I find that this kind of exhaustion also means I cannot have peaceful sleep so I end up more tired from a restless night. I keep waking up at around 4am no matter what and unable to get back to sleep. I’ve been uncomfortably having a coffee each morning which makes me feel awake but on edge and I’m sure doesn’t help break the tired cycle!

My bike Bertie that my other half built for me, my pride and joy

Walked straight into blood testing after work, had a lovely chat with the phlebotomist about the Moomins and then I was done in less than five minutes!

Luckily this weekend we are off to camp for a few days with family which I am very much looking forward to. It does mean I will be relaxing and probably not working on Evisceration III but I will see what I can do. I aim to have that out early next week. In the meantime get in touch if you have any suggestions for blood posts or would like to ask me anything.

MG x

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