Pathology Week 2019

It’s the end of Pathology Week and I am guilty of having not done very much to mark it so I thought it would be good to write a blog post. Plus put in a diary reminder to make a much bigger effort next year!

Pathology is the study of disease and it’s effects. My job as an Anatomical Pathology Technologist means I work closely with those who work in the Pathology department and also with the Histopathologists who work in the mortuary on post mortems. Histology is one of the disciplines that comes under pathology but there are many other subdivisions.

Visit their website –

The Royal College of Pathologists have a great website resource with information about Pathology if you are interested in finding out more. They list that there are eight main areas of pathology but the four main areas are histopathology (looking at tissues and cells), heamatology (blood), chemical pathology (chemicals in the body) and microbiology (infections from microscopic pathogens like viruses and bacteria).

Pathology is certainly a subject that deserves to be celebrated because all of us would have had a blood sample or investigation by some form of pathologist or someone on a pathology team at some point in our lives. We can never under appreciate the people who work in the background of our health system! As APTs we are working hard to become a recognised and registered profession to be on par with the scientists who work in the rest of the pathology sector.

@AAPTTweets is the account to follow for APT updates or visit

Where I work we have a fabulous Pathology team who I luckily get to visit on a fairly regular basis. If you’re interested you can follow them on twitter @BHRUTPathology where their account has some great content.

On a different note, a brain count update! Someone hilariously added a little witty note to my tally, I don’t know who but, erm, thanks. I hit 120! Well I’m actually at 126 but I haven’t taken a new photo since then.

Have a great weekend everyone!

MG x

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