Death by Revision

One of the hardest things I find in my day to day life is to not feel hugely overwhelmed by simply everything. Not to feel like there are never enough hours in the day. There are always places I want to go to, podcasts I want to listen to, Netflix series to binge and people to meet. The positive side to that is that I am rarely bored, but I am usually feeling guilty for not reading the stack of books I have outstanding on my side while I try to work my way through a lengthy to do list every day. The pressure I put on myself is unbelievable sometimes and doesn’t always pay off. For example, the guilt of not writing two blog posts a week has not helped at all with even trying to get one out a week recently!

With this in mind, and the fact that my last exam is in less than two weeks, I am shifting my focus on quality not quantity. Hopefully. I had a really positive week this week that I should be proud of which included meeting Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris at her talk and book signing event, having the most wonderful Death Cafe I have had for some time and receiving back my Anatomy & Physiology Part 1 exam result. It was fabulous to finally meet Lindsey after we have been talking on Twitter for some time, and it was such an interesting talk to hear more about her inspiration for her book and her future projects. Being back in academic surroundings gave me that little nudge to think a bit more about what I want to do myself, particularly in maybe trying to write a book one day. The Upminster Death Cafe on Tuesday had such a great energy, I normally write down the topics we discuss as we go so I can do write ups of the events but I was so involved I barely wrote anything! We had some new faces too, I had been concerned that they might be getting slightly stale but this month’s event stopped any concerns I had.

Dr Lindsey Fitzharris and I (not my book which I stupidly forgot)

Looking ahead, there’s two more Death Cafe events left before the end of the year. Once i have my final exam and assignment complete I have a few days rest and then some time in Berlin with Laura B which I am most excited about. December has some great oppurtunities lined up, some confirmed and some not. If you have any suggestions of things to do in Berlin in December, or any events in London in the new year you think I might be interested in please let me know! Although the pressure is building that I still have an awful lot of Diploma work to complete alongside a wedding to plan. I never do things by halves. I’ll be glad to shift away from the revision however, I have had quite enough of constantly looking over my notes.


If you haven’t already, this week get yourself a copy of The Butchering Art by Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris because I promise you it is a great read. If you are intrigued by Death Cafe but never been, why don’t you head to and see if there’s one nearby you can head to this Winter. Or if you’re local to East London I have the Upminster Death Cafe at the glorious Sweet Rose Cakery on 3rd December or The King George Hosital Death Cafe on 10th December. Both events can be found on the website above. Let me know your Berlin recommendations too!

Definitely not taken on a mobile phone, nope.

MG x

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