Nikolai-Kirche: Skull Appreciation Post

The same cold and wet day in Berlin I visited the Charité, we also sought shelter at one point in a church by the smallest Christmas market we attended. The church is that of St. Nicholas, or Nikolaikirche, and the inside was splendid.

This is largely a post with lots of photos of monuments from inside the church. It was heavily bombed during the Second World War and the monuments sustained a lot of damage. I am very impressed by the effort that has gone into not only rebuilding the church but restoring or redisplaying many of the moments inside. What I loved most about these is the iconography including a fabulous amount of skulls I have not seen on contemporary monuments in this country. Just skulls galore! Here is a selection of the skulls I particularly enjoyed.

I like the positioning on this one with skulls at the base. The ones at the sides look quite mean!

Don’t miss that they tucked a little skull in the corner!

A lot of religious iconography here, and what I think is a skull headed death-type figure.

Skull with bat-like wings either side, I believe is know as a deathbat in the music logo world!

This is a reconstruction of a former monument that was destroyed, probably my favourite of all!

There are many more photos from this church that I will do in another blog post, but I hope you didn’t mind me showing a little bit of love for the skulls of Nikolai-Kirche.

MG x

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