Not Such a Wonderful Christmas Time

I am all too aware that Christmas can be a time when the pressure to be having a great time can be overwhelming. I know a large number of people who don’t find this time of year exciting or fun, for a number of reasons that can include a bereavement in the past around this time of year. Or it could even be a bereavement at any time of year but that person is sorely missed at this time. If you know me personally and think I’m speaking about you in particular, I can promise there’s at least ten people I can think of right now who this applies to.

Christmas is in full swing at the mortuary!

One thing I have been trying to remind everyone through my social media is the need more than ever for people to be kind to each other. I think this is the Christmas message we need to all remember. Or if Christmas isn’t your thing; it’s the simple Winter message that I want to convey. The darkest days of the year are the time to think of other people.

Bereavement is not something I am anywhere near to, or pretend to, be an expert in, but I have discussed it openly with a large number of people. What I have deduced is that it is complex. No two people grieve the same way and no one grieves the same way constantly. Grief is ever changing and ever differing. In that sense, someone can never grieve the wrong or the right way because that doesn’t exist. We find bereavements one of the hardest things to talk to other people about which means we often avoid it entirely, often alienating or ignoring a person who is suffering.

Please spare a thought for someone this week who might be having a tough time and reach out to them. You can simply ask them if they’d like to chat, or go one better and arrange to meet up over a coffee or dinner. Also, if you feel you have no one to talk to you can find my email on my contact page and please use it.

One last thing, if you haven’t already check out The Griefcast by Cariad Lloyd available from all excellent podcast providers. There has been a compilation episode recently released if you’d like to try it and see what it’s like. I can not recommend it highly enough.

Let’s be here for each other.

MG x

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