Self Isolation Diaries Part 2

It’s been nearly two weeks since I started with COVID-19 symptoms, and I am nearly completely recovered. While I still have absolutely no idea if it was COVID-19 or not, if you read the after effects it’s damage to the lungs causes a lingering cough and some chest issues which I certainly have slightly now. I was not tested, and I think the chances of me having any form of immunity testing are out too so I am going to behave as though I have not had it and could still potentially spread it.

Classification moved onto Dolly Mixtures this week

In the past week I have been trying to build my energy up because it absolutely wiped me out, so I have been pottering about the house cleaning. It felt like a bit of a dual purpose, the intended spring clean I mean to do every year and fail, plus Dettol-ing the life out of everything in the entire house. I’ve been chatting on the phone or face timing a few people which has been nice. Plus my social media ban through certain hours is still going.

Two very confused felines who have no idea what is happening

Mentally this isolation and crisis is very hard. I can see in myself and those I interact with that this is impacting us all in many ways. I have a yoga teacher friend who is running 7am meditations on Facebook live every morning and that has really helped me focus and keep to some kind of routine. From what I have seen there is so much good being shared online right now, the wonderful side of humanity is coming through. I’ve seen celebrities reading bedtime stories for kids (& adults too because who doesn’t love a bedtime story), exercise classes moving to live videos and comedians sharing some really funny content.

Yoga by Lauren on Facebook and Instagram

The other big thing I want to push is that a lot of museums and smaller businesses are going to really struggle over the next coming weeks. They have been forced to shut and their only way of keeping open in future is to generate money somehow. I have been asked by Wilton’s Music Hall to donate my ticket money for a tour I had booked for next Friday which I have willingly done. Some places like Coffin Works in Birmingham have altered their online ticket sales to sell bundles from their gift shop which I purchased and arrived yesterday. Please, please do what you can to support these places who will suffer so badly without our help. If you have a favourite museum or brand that you think might need help just contact them.

Receiving chocolate in the post is amazing, but only made better when it’s coffin shaped!

My isolation actually ends on Monday, I’ll be returning to work as a key worker and someone who is needed right now. I have already admitted, but will happily share again, that my anxiety around this is immense. This feels so much bigger than anything I could imagine happening in my lifetime. I think I will be posting little updates to social media across Instagram and Twitter about my days within reason. I feel like it is important now more than I have done before about sharing my experiences for clarity and openness. One of the hardest parts of self isolation was shifting to a new pace, I suddenly had a lot more time than I felt like I have on any given day so I’ve been able to give a lot of thought to what I can do.

I promise I will try so hard to stop touching my face all the time

In that vein, if there are any questions you think I can answer then please get in touch. Would you like me to do any videos or further posts on any particular topics? Would you like to know more about something I’ve covered previously? Would you like to know more about my time in isolation?

You can contact me via email, Instagram, Twitter or by commenting below. It’s so important to support each other in any way we can at this time. So wash your hands, keep an eye on your wellbeing, and for goodness sake just stay indoors.

MG x

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  1. Hey Gem keep at it ! Self isolating with steroids and antibiotics for a pesky chest infection but not presenting the ‘other’ symptoms thankfully but wiped out for last week and will be into next week . Strange times indeed. XX

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