Stay Safe, Stay Sane

I feel like I have so much to say yet so little too! I’m super aware that there is a lot of media coverage of mortuaries, hospitals and this whole side of the current pandemic that I am experiencing so it is difficult to know what to write in a fair way. I want to continue to cover my work for people to have an insight into things but it is so sensitive that I cannot delve quite as deep as I normally might but I will do my best. If you do have any specific questions please get in touch and I’ll see what I can answer.

I could not keep a daily journal this week, it has been non-stop and I described my days to a friend yesterday as work, bath, dinner, sleep, repeat. A daily bath may seem a bit luxurious but our shower is still broken with no idea of when our new bathroom will happen! In fact, I was holding out on a Lush UK order until this was all over and the bathroom was done but I cracked and ordered it this week. I have never been so happy to see bath bombs and hand cream. I’m incredibly tired and achey but I know there are some incredible people out there working much harder than me in and outside of the hospital.

Glittery, pink bath time? Yes thank you!

All in all the week has been a good one. Long hours at work in sweaty PPE but I am just so grateful to still have no problems ensuring my safety while following the guidelines. The respirators we have that were once rarely used are now a daily used piece of kit. I’ve had to switch to blue scrubs too which is confusing because they used to never be allowed around the hospital outside of theatres but now are seen everywhere.

Coordinating socks with scrubs since 2017

Keeping me sane this week has been down to people and their generosity, kindness and love that I’m welling up just thinking about. Firstly, my fiancé reached out to some people on Instagram to message me to pick me up after the tough weekend. It may seem odd but I love watching Winter sports and the Winter Olympics, and I love a snowboarder called Aimee Fuller who actually messaged me on Sunday! He also has been stuck indoors for weeks thanks to me being unwell before the lockdown but has been doing great. We remain semi positive our wedding is still going ahead but who knows at this stage.

My lovely friends have been amazing with daily check ins and messages of support. Even people who I have only ever spoken to on social media have been in touch and that means just as much to me. Thank you to all of you for being so kind. Today I came home to a beautiful bunch of flowers from my oldest friend Rachel who I host Death Cafe with. I’m overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness I really am.

Just some of the very lovely things we have received today!

In that same vein, the amazing gifts of food and hand cream we have received at work have been so uplifting. It’s been such a privilege to see the absolute best side of humanity. I really believe that we will get through this with a new found sense of kindness and generosity that will benefit us all. Keep being awesome everyone and I’ll post again soon.

MG x

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