Mental Health, Cakes & Scrubs

I have tried to write a few posts this week, and I have found out that there is a certain mental state to write and some others where it is best not to. As much as those at home teaching their kids or on furlough or working from home, I have little grasp over days or dates anymore. I think I even accidentally dated something February earlier which made me think my brain was trying to take me back to an easier time! This pandemic had the physical effects we all are familiar with by now but also is having a huge mental impact that I think will be felt for sometime.

Long, empty corridors are taking a bit of getting used to. Plus passing anyone at an acceptable but practical distance!

It’s difficult, as I said before, to talk about the work I do in the sense that it is not something I wish to discuss on this platform right now. Our function in the hospital and community is ever changing while working alongside the external mortuary hubs and funeral directors to ensure the deceased still get the best care and their wishes fulfilled. I think it’s fair to say our working days are ever changing to react to the situations we face and it’s challenging both physically and mentally.

Been rocking my Coffin Works cheeky little skull badge on my lanyard

Once again, for the week just passed, I would like to celebrate the humanity and kindness I’ve experienced. Highlighting the good is what we all need at a time like this, especially when we can all get bogged down in the awful and the negative.

Sunday I had a lovely day off during which I slept a whole chunk of but I also had a chance to watch All Killa No Filla podcast live on YouTube which was great! Felt good to be able to participate in some of the lockdown shenanigans for once in a very strange way. Don’t take for granted you’re at home for the Facebook or instagram lives by people if you are! The content being produced by people online is impressive in many ways.

Check out All Killa No Filla if, like me, you are more than slightly interested in serial killers.

On Monday it was a tough day but my cake obsession dreams came true when I arrived home to a cupcake delivery from Laura D which was just amazing. Cake and chocolate have so far been a big part of every day. I’m very aware that is is not great in itself, so I’ve allowed myself the Easter weekend to get it out of my system and hopefully I’ll be munching on some more nutritious items next week. The intention is there anyway. Funny I was earlier having a conversation with a colleague that it still hasn’t really settled in that I can’t just pop to the shops at any point for something. Life has changed in so many ways.


Wednesday was a very emotional day all round where it all seemed to peak and just erupt out. Spent a lot of time crying or trying not to cry. Some days are very hard, but one thing is that my colleagues have all got the support of each other and we absolutely rock getting each other through this.

On Thursday I had the rare opportunity to come across correctly fitting scrubs! That’s worth celebrating in itself. The mortuary was buzzing with people helping who have been with us a week now. It feels like so much longer and they have all picked up the work so well. It’s very odd having lots of (living) people in the mortuary but it’s also very nice, they are all such great spirited people who I’m glad and grateful to have with us. I also have two lovely seamstress friends who announced this week they are making scrubs for the NHS! Such awesomeness from all around.

Fabulous scrub tops by @eleanor_sews complete scrub sets by The Dressmaker Fabrics and me giving correct sized scrubs a thumbs up

Good Friday felt much like a normal day, if a little quieter on the phones and doors. I came in to find my colleague had seen me share an article on Facebook about there being Hogwarts House rooms around a hospital and she had done it in the mortuary. I actually squealed when she told me and ran the full length of the fridge room to go find them all. I cannot thank her enough for this, it’s made the whole day brighter.

This Ravenclaw unsure is she’s allowed in the Slytherin Common Room. Were in the dungeon, sorry I mean basement, after all.

All in all, it’s been a trying but positive week. I’m so proud to be part of a team and hospital who are battling this virus with everything we have. The volunteers, the donations, the clapping at 8pm, it’s all simply so wanted and treasured by all of us. When this is over we may be thanked for our work but we couldn’t do it without the support of everyone around us.

MG x

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  1. Just come across your blog. Never heard of APTs before so looking forward to hearing more about your career. How did you end up in this line?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a longish story but I have always wanted to do this job in one way or another. Just took me a while to realise I could! If you start from my early blog posts I explain more about the history of my career ☺️


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