Strange Days Indeed

It’s a tricky one to write this week for some reason. That feeling I mentioned before, the one where I’m on edge constantly, has only got worse really. I can only assume it’s due to the fact I can’t put out of my head the idea that we’re heading for another peak of the virus at some point. With things very slowly returning back to how they were, I feel like it’s all too soon to be celebrating and thinking we’re over the worst yet. Ever the pessimist sometimes, especially when things are just plain stranger than ever.

That being said, it’s been a good week all in all. Still having very little idea of time or date, I felt like I was late with my update until I realised that it’s Sunday and that makes me pretty much right on time. I had a bit more free time this week which was well timed with also being utterly exhausted and probably beating most people at the number of naps I took. One day I might realise before it’s having such an effect that my iron levels have dropped. A swift order in with Holland & Barrett and I’m on the mend now luckily. While exhausted in bed I did get crafting and made a fetching mask which I have no real plans to wear unless they somehow become compulsory or if I end up on a bus or a train at some point.

My new look!

On Wednesday I came home to some awesome post from a lovely Death Cafe attendee who has a young son that is so death positive it’s absolutely inspirational. The below picture was drawn by him and he included to mention that the deceased has no skin because they donated it and you can clearly see that on top of their head is their brain showing. I am so in love with this I have put in on the wall above my desk to make me smile every time I see it. They also included some goodies which I’ve stashed away for the next time I need a sugar hit.

It’s okay I will look after you until the funeral- Cartoon me saying something I’ve probably said loads of times!

Alongside that parcel in the post that day was a copy of my article that has been published in The Bulletin of The Royal College of Pathologists which I am very proud of. I have written about Death Cafe and why it is a much needed concept. I do feel that, since the pandemic hit, this is even more true and strange it be so because this article was drafted well before the pandemic even seemed possible.

My first ink published article, onwards and upwards!

This week saw me attend the first of three online talks that I have signed up for, with Romany Reagan discussing the Abney Park cemetery. It was just brilliant to attend a talk in this way, with my cats and my spaghetti bolognese no less, and to at least try to have a sense of normality. I would usually have a lot of events and talks lined up by now that have all either not been booked or have been cancelled. I miss meeting people and visiting the locations, but the online talks are a great substitute while attending events is unsafe. I have signed up to Eventbrite who host the registration for a lot of free online events, check them out for some great ways to spend an evening at home keeping safe.

Got comfy to watch Romany’s talk on Wednesday evening! Ruby eyeing up my dinner as standard.

I’ll leave you with a little note that at least the June Upminster Death Cafe has moved online while the reopening of shops remains uncertain and social distancing is still in place. The list of attendees is growing but if you would like to attend please get in touch. I do have some regular attendees that are more than happy to give up their place for a newbie if wanted.

MG x

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