Renewed & Revived

As promised, here I am back in July to start again with my posts. I am pleased to write that I have been looking forward to doing this yet again and I feel much better than I did when I decided to take the break.

The anxiety is still there, brimming under the surface of my happy exterior and some days harder to bear than others. However I do feel slightly more like I am able to embrace the uncertainty of it all and have prepared myself to accept that whatever happens from here on in is utterly out of my control. Our wedding reception has sadly had to be postponed until next year so has been added to the ever growing list of things that can’t quite happen yet. With my 33rd birthday now gone, I am feeling quite selfish about struggling with the fact I have nothing really to look forward to that is certainly going to happen. I think I’m not alone also in feeling like when things can start again that will be utterly overwhelming in many ways.

Having a little break from things (mostly, I couldn’t seem to tear myself away from social media as much as I’d hoped!) has done me the world of good and I feel refreshed with new ideas. Things are looking up for my assessment and qualification too, hopefully it will all be coming together nicely over the next few months. I say hopefully completely aware that if there was to be a second wave or peak of the coronavirus then this will most likely be pushed back once again.

I think that’s the question I have been asked most often in fact. Nearly everyone asks me what will now happen like I am an expert on the matter. The truth is, I’m fairly certain even the experts in this have actually no idea what is going to happen for certain. I’ve seen or heard many theories but how this is going to play out is anyone’s guess. My method of dealing with this is to take everything from scratch and appreciate the small things once again. Even just being able to sit, socially distanced, on a sea wall last week and stare out at the sea was incredible. It was simply the fact it wasn’t work, or home, or Tesco or the park which are the only places I’ve been able to go to recently.

Essentially, we will get through this and probably not in the way we envisaged at the start. Please allow me to flag some resources below for anyone struggling. I’ll be back in a few days with another post.

The Campaign to End Loneliness with some great isolation resources

The Good Grief Trust who I often recommend but who have excellent resources for the recently bereaved or those impacted by COVID-19

The AAPT (Association of Anatomical Pathology Technology) have a great page of professional COVID-19 resources that could also be of interest to people

The Lancet also have compiled a lot of COVID-19 resources for anyone interested

If you’re totally fed up of everything right now and want to ignore most things going on, Mind have a distractions resource including links to games, puzzles and other fun stuff

MG x

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