Wedding Hearses, Brighton & Wotsits

Hello everyone! Wow what a time it has been, I am always reminded to not apologise for any gaps in posting as I should not feel that way but I can’t help it. I, once again, am bound by myself to say I’m sorry it has been a long break since my last post. If you follow me on any social media you may have seen that I got married a little over a week ago and spent three amazing days in Brighton on honeymoon.

Pandemic Wedding Vibes

You may also have seen that I arrived at my wedding in style, in a hearse driven by a local funeral director who I am good friends with and another friend FD drove a limousine behind with my friends and family. I would like to add that I was in the front (not the back!) of the hearse, and in a way my reasons for doing this were coincidental and two fold. My wedding happened at short notice, it was a small event which we were notified of going ahead only five weeks prior to the date. I wanted a way of getting to the registry office which was nice but wasn’t sure what to do until I had an idea to ask a local funeral director company to help me out with a limousine. When I asked them they were very happy to help, but said after ‘it’s not like you need a hearse’ to which I immediately replied ‘what if I did want a hearse?’ and it just sort of happened from there. Once the idea was in my head I wanted it more than anything, a great way to normalise death once again. The hearse is a grand vehicle, it’s beautiful inside and about as plush as vehicles come. What a shame to only experience that when you’re dead! My Mum and Dad sat behind the driver, I never knew hearses had so many seats. My Dad even joked it was the only time he would get to be in a hearse and know about it. I’m not sure what the high street, the registry office or some of my guests made of it but a few said it was not entirely a surprise to see me do such a thing.

My carriage awaits….

We then spent a few days in Brighton, one of our favourite places to visit and somewhere we could go at short notice also. I love Brighton for it’s people, it’s culture and the architecture of the Victorian seaside. I feel I can be and dress how I really want to there which I’m not ashamed of but certainly something I get strange looks for if I go to my local Tesco for example. The sea was rough but the weather was kind, I always love visiting the ruined old pier to see how it’s doing. We didn’t do too much but we had a good time, and most importantly got to eat lots of great food.

Such a beautiful skeleton of a different time

I was back to work for three days this week, and I must admit it hit me out of nowhere when I returned. Three days after a week off is exhausting and I’m writing this, as I often do, from the bath to ease my achey limbs. Although work has been made easier on them with our fancy new self driven trolleys that even can pull the trays out of the fridge for us. Very impressed with them!

I’ll leave you for now with a little highlight of my day. One thing people often ask me is what we talk about in the post mortem room, I usually reply ‘well what do you talk about when at work?’. Sure, a large chunk of our chats are work related and to do with what’s going on. However, like today for example we had quite an in-depth conversation about how great crisps are. Particularly puffed ones like Wotsits. I won’t say what started that conversation… but we do have quite normal chats just like everyone else!

MG x

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